what death leaves behind me


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Have you ever had an awkward internet moment?


A few.

  • me: where do you live?
  • vegan: I'm a vegan

Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too
Say Anything

Nervous Energies session


i’m a person who often wants physical affection but is also very uncomfortable and particular about physical contact

There are two reasons why people don’t talk about things; either it doesn’t mean anything to them, or it means everything

- Luna Adriana (via suspend)

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If you’re suicidal and still alive, I’m so fucking proud of you.

If you’re suffering from an eating disorder and still eating, I’m so fucking proud of you.

If you’re suffering from a mental illness and your fighting, I’m so. Fucking. Proud. Of. You.

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Max Bemis & Sherri Dupree-Bemis

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You know, if you watch the lion king closely, you can find a lot of simbalism.

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Fuck. I want her.

- As soon as I saw her. (via incednia)

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Current mood: Jon Snow in a blizzard. 

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The front bottoms


The front bottoms

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