what death leaves behind me


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Get Me Out of Here Alive
Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties

I’m starting to believe that there’s a god and he hates me.

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Tatsuro Kiuchi


This is so deep I’m gonna reevaluate my life

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Check me out for more creepy stuff <3x


Check me out for more creepy stuff <3x

What would you do if you had a crush on someone (who didn't know you existed) got into a relationship and you're really crushed, but you can't stop liking them? Is it creepy or stupid or hopeless…?


Nothing’s creepy or hopeless ever, unless you’re trying to defy the laws of the universe in some way. I personally believe everything in life in pretty damn stupid, if you ask me. And in this event, you’ve really limited options unfortunately. In my opinion, I think you should be upfront and honest with the person because you won’t feel any better about it, pretty much ever, unless you come clean and are honest with both them and yourself. However you can always sit back and kind of let things fade out, which also works, but can be incredibly unhealthy over a period of time, particularly if you don’t think you’ll stop liking them. Regardless of what you end up doing, I really hope that things works out for ya. And if they don’t, take this with a grain of salt, pick your head up, stand tall and own the shit out of your life. You’re awesome and have great days ahead of you, anon.

What are you passionate about?


People, music, animals and anything nerdy really.

Have you ever planned what you would name a kid with an ex before they were an ex?


My last long-term ex and I romanticized our future a ton, so yeah we might have talked about this.



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